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Our Objectives

To unite students, teachers, and the community into a bond of innovation in education.

To encourage students to achieve greatness in whatever endeavor he or she embarks on.

To promote, technology, social, and intellectual development for all students and individuals.

To assist the aims of professional achievement that leads to college, universities, entrepreneurship, and military services.

To engage positive citizenship.

Our Purpose

Bowtie's purpose to develop young men to be a positive influence and create opportunities for other males to elevate! Bowtie believes that through an innovative approach in education, male adolescents will have an increased percentage to be successful! Bowtie has the resources and provides each member the opportunity to develop socially, personally, and professionally. Training each member to be a professional early by providing real-life and practical experience through innovative approaches. Furthermore, Bowtie has a team of professionals that are trained to offer top-quality consulting work for educators. Technology is changing the face of education, and Bowtie members know to help educators reach our future leaders by using innovative approaches to instruction. Disruptive innovation will change the way students, teachers, and this society learn! Bowtie will make a difference in your learning environment!!!


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus

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